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Panda and Katerina The 30s

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Our group is made up of just the two of us, Panda and Katerina. Panda grew up in Los Angeles and started playing bass in a variety of middle school garage bands before his debut live show at his 8th grade pancake breakfast ceremony. By 16 he had played at most of the DIY venues on Sunset Strip as part of various Rock and Indie acts, including Moses Campbell. Katerina hails from the Toronto area and fell in love with music singing AC/DC and Led Zeppelin songs while her dad played guitar in the living room.

Eventually, college-life, student debt, and the pressures of “normal” society convinced us both to pursue careers other than music. (Panda is a Public Defender and Katerina is a Math Teacher and Coach.) We actually met online, finding that we were both in a lot of the same pop-punk and emo memegroups on Facebook. We connected after realizing that entering our 30s didn’t have to be the death sentence we’d always assume it would be and decided to make music together.

We don’t necessarily want to quit our current lives, and our decision to make music together shouldn’t be seen as an expression of regret over the paths not followed. Rather, we know a lot of millenials like us used to think that it was too late to do something as crazy as join a band in their 30s and release an album. We hope we can show people that The 30s can be fun as fuck!

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