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Popular ‘Fame’s my Enemy’ Bruhaz music video

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Artist name – Bruhaz

Full bio/Press release – Bruhaz, 19 years young is an underground trapper/rapper who’s recently getting widespread attention for his Debut music video ‘Fame’s my Enemy’ which has surpassed a 100K streams on YouTube through MuSlate label’s channel.

Born 25th May 2000, Bruhaz grew up being influenced by artists like Eminem, Nas, Kendrik Lamar and new school artists like Trippie redd, Lil skies, DaBaby. The blissful fusion of old school hiphop and new school trap can be witnessed in his music.

He dropped his first single ‘Find Love’ at the age of 17 from his home studio.

Bruhaz is a qualified Pianist,

he writes, produces and mix/masters his music and makes a revenue off tune core and doing shows.

Currently working on an album thats about to be released anytime now, stay tuned.

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